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Daylight International Medical Links, we are committed to making healthcare accessible to all, regardless of their location or financial status.

Telemedical Consultation

Patients who need medical consultations and advice from healthcare professionals.

Delivery Services

Delivery services for medical supplies, equipment, and medications.

Scheduling Appointments

Appointment services for patients who need to see healthcare professionals.

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Why Choose Us

Daylight International Medical Links is a company that is dedicated to improving the healthcare sector in Uganda and beyond. Our commitment to this mission is evident in the various services that we offer. We have facilitated more than 300 patient consultations through our professional telemedicine services, which are manned by local and international specialists

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What we Do

We have helped deliver genuine prescribed medicines to patients through our e-pharmacy services, ensuring that patients get their medication on time and at affordable prices. We have also organized several specialized medical camps, where we have facilitated medical consultations with over 150 patients through our team of experts.

Facilitate patients appointments with both local and international medical specialists.

Facilitate all travel arrangements for international patients from medical visa processing, airticketing, airport transfers, accommodation while receiving treatment, accessing patients medical attendants while accessing treatment, after treatment patient medical follow-up etc

Facilitate access to professional medical information and specialists.

Help deliver patterns prescription drugs from genuine international pharmacies and hospitals.