Daylight Medical Links


Daylight medical links is a brain child of Daylight travel consults ltd, whose idea was born after the Daylight group proprietor went through a long life testing span that almost cost him his life. In 2015 Mr. Yiga James’s life started becoming sickly. He especially started getting gastrointestinal complications. He suffered silently for some time until he embarked the search for the cause of his tribulations. He had severe constipation, his stomach always produced uncomfortable gases, severe stomach pains, went for several investigations however non was conclusive on the exact cause of his illness, visited hospitals , went to hospitals in neighbouring countries and his condition refused to circumvent. He visited several specialists until one recommended test’s which he did only to later be diagnosed to be having a redundant signoid colon. That a part of his intestines had weakened and the specialist recommended a surgery to trim and fix the said weak part of the intestine since it was probable for it to get twisted and cause serious problems.
To cut the long story short as luck has it , he shared his plight with one of his foreign friends who recommended him to visit one international hospital for the surgery. He immediately made arrangements went to the hospital, was asked to repeat each and every investigation procedures only to later be told that his condition wasn’t as severe to necessitate a surgery, was given medicines, advised on how to manage his condition with corrected nutrition habits which begun his journey to total healing.
Getting access to professional, advanced medical technology and specialists saved him the consequences of Surgery and more importantly avoidable surgery. He narrated that after his healing he got many testimonies of patients with similar conditions who suffered the bad consequences of such unnecessary surgeries that caused them permanent damage, others had to be operated upon more than once to fix their conditions which never helped and instead crippled them permanently and he surely testifies and thanks God that brought him in contact with his foreign friend who literally saved his life. Several friends to Mr Yiga testify on how he would move around with several medicines all time, bottles af water as he tried to manage his condition and to work at thr same time until he was saved from all this by a friend and good samaritan friend. His wife testifies to all this since they travelled together to the hospital.
It is here, realising that many shared the same plight to no help and even others loosing their lives that the idea of medical tourism and telemedicine was born to facilitate patients access to the best medical specialists and hospitals globally to save life.